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HJ (Parent of teenage student)

September 2018

"Rebekah rose to the challenge of teaching our teenager and working to develop his talent, voice and technique. She was willing to go where he wanted whilst always mindful and strategic about building foundational skills. We were really impressed with her request to do a review to ensure that we were all happy with progress and direction. Her observations were clear and her encouragement gratefully received. Thank you so much for your energy and goodwill and good teaching.""


September 2017

"Rebekah's vocal lessons were perfectly tailored to me, and she taught me techniques which have helped me to draw out the full and unique potential of my voice. Rebekah's lessons have directly improved my studio and live performances and will help me will help for years to come. Rebekah is a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher who I would recommend to singers of any level."


April 2017

"Rebekah was originally recommended to me and has proved to be a very inspiring singing teacher. She's very enthusiastic, highly experienced, full of really helpful advice and knows how to steer a voice in the right direction. I always look forward to my lessons with her and have definitely made headway. I highly recommend Rebekah to anyone whether aiming for a professional level or singing for pure pleasure."


May 2013

"Rebekah is a sensitive, skilled and fun vocal tutor, who adapts her tools and style to your needs. She has given me confidence and yet also gives me new challenges each time"


October 2013

"As a complete beginner Rebekah quickly made me feel at ease, and that true progress was achievable even for someone like me who was not blessed with a natural singing voice. She breaks everything down into easy steps and her friendly enthusiasm makes the lessons fun and interesting. Rebekah has a talent for identifying where improvements in your singing can be made, and planning exercises and lessons to tackle them effectively.

She has given me a lot more confidence in my singing, and many tools to help me continue to improve. All this is delivered in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Thank you Rebekah!"


November 2014

"I've always had problems being heard. Frequently people asked me to speak up, repeat myself or simply don't hear me at all. For this reason I've suffered with low moods, anxiety, isolation and loneliness for years. That's why I decided to ask Rebekah to help teach me how to sing, to learn more about myself and to learn how to use my voice.

Rebekah is a passionate singer, song writer and teacher. Through each of our lessons Rebekah patiently encouraged me to try new things, to play around and to experience different parts of my voice and helped to build up my confidence. On our first lesson Rebekah sat me down and helped me to understand how my voice worked. We worked together to find my vocal range that I was comfortable with and practices different vocal exercises and songs which worked around my abilities which helped to give me confidence.

Over the weeks things got better. I got louder, more articulate and with a wider dynamic range of sound. I started to notice that when I was speaking to people they could hear what I was saying, they weren't struggling to hear and they weren't drifting off as much as they used to. This has helped to give me a lot more confidence."

NGM Theory Student

July 2012

"I like that we were split according to level and we went from the very basics in music theory. Rebekah is friendly and approachable and seems to really care about our progress. I think it's good that we get given homework too."

Gospel Choir Workshops - Nancy Goudie's Spiritual Health Weekends

2013 & 2014

  • "Loved it!"
  • "Gospel workshop again please"
  • "'What did you enjoy most about the weekend?' 'The Gospel Choir workshop.'"
  • "Really enjoyed the Gospel Choir workshop."
  • "I will try the Gospel Choir workshop next year"
  • "The Gospel Choir – Brilliant!"
  • "Lots of fun and uplifting. Please keep it as a fixture!"
  • "Loved this would like to do it every week!!"