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Individual Tuition

Whether you're a complete beginner trying to write your first original song and would like to know where to start, or you've been writing for a while and would like an experienced ear to bounce your ideas off, or maybe you've got writers block or want to hone your craft – why not give some songwriting tuition a go.

sessions can cover:

  • How to write better lyrics, how to find inspiration
  • Finishing your first draft and how to re-draft
  • Music theory for songwriters
  • How to avoid cliché
  • Writing effective chord patterns, and strong memorable melodies
  • Song feedback and advice on how to develop your ideas

Recommended Lesson Length and Frequency

This will be different for each individual pupil and their particular goals. Please get in contact to discuss your individual requirements in more detail and Rebekah can give you a recommendation of the best way to proceed.


  • 1 Hour: £22
  • Combined with Vocal Tuition
    1 Hour: £30
  • Additional Costs may include: Travel Costs, Books and other resources.


Looking for a fun and educational workshop for your school, youth group, club, conference or charity event?

Songwriting could be a unique and popular choice.

Workshops can be an individual session or a series of sessions and can cover a variety of topics within the art of Songwriting, such as:

  • What makes an effective, memorable song - the art of critical listening
  • An overview of songwriting – lyrics, structure, melody, harmony, arrangement
  • How to find lyric inspiration and how to write better lyrics
  • How to write better chord patterns or melodies
  • The art of collaboration
  • Music theory for songwriters
  • How to arrange and record a demo of your finished song

Rebekah can design and deliver a tailor-made workshop for you to suit most requirements and budgets. Whether you want a one off workshop or a series of them, don't hesitate to contact Rebekah to discuss your ideas and various options.