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Session Vocals

Rebekah is an experienced and versatile vocalist, classically trained but with a background in a wide variety of vocal styles and music genres including; Pop and Rock, Indie, Classical, Choral, Musical Theatre, Folk and Gospel/Worship Music.

As a Singer-Songwriter and Vocal Coach, Rebekah is very comfortable in her creativity and musicianship and can easily improvise melodies and harmonies where needed. With a classical background Rebekah is also able to read sheet music and sight sing. Comfortable in both performance and studio environments, Rebekah could be just what your project or event needs.

Session fees will depend on your specific requirements, but Rebekah is happy to discuss the possibilities with you and is usually able to offer a solution suiting most budgets. Please feel free to get in touch to find out more information and to discuss your session needs.

Recent Projects & Testimonials

Toby Willmott

The Blackwood Family Band

"Rebekah's vocals are a joy to work with in post production. Her performances are consistent in delivery, whilst remaining dynamic and soulful. Rebekah is adaptable and dependable to work with, and it never takes long for her to record a perfect take. Rebekah's years of experience in the studio shine through in her delivery and professional working manner."

Alex Pilkington, 'The Willow'

Director: Ho Hum Records
Producer: The Session Rooms

"Working with Rebekah was a joy, she was an ultimate professional and her harmony ideas were used to great effect on the track 'Hard to Break' - I look forward to working with her again"

Ric Yerbury

Bbox Management & Games Today Music

"Rebekah is a highly talented and professional singer. In the studio she manages to deliver great takes each time whilst ensuring that they sit well against the original inspiration of the song. An absolute pleasure to work with"