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Have you ever been to one of those gigs where the crowd falls eerily silent and hangs on every word of every song? Rebekah Vyce has that effect on an audience.

An experienced vocalist with a voice blending subtle tones of soul, folk & gospel. A songwriter of beautiful melodies that will stay in your head for days, and lyrics that are honest, full of stories, hope and integrity - Rebekah's music will captivate you. With piano based songwriting, lush harmonies, real instruments, and simple but beautiful arrangements, this music is a brilliant gem in a crowded music industry.

Music is and has always been Rebekah's love. Coming from a family of creatives, Rebekah has always had a strong desire to create and express herself through her music. Inspired and influenced by great songwriters such as Adele, Sara Bareilles, Marcus Mumford, Brooke Fraser, Jon Foreman and Michael & Lisa Gungor - Rebekah is a firm believer in music's power to communicate and change atmospheres. She hopes that as she writes songs that express joy and process life in all its ups and downs, that her listeners will be impacted too.

After growing up on the stunning coast of Dorset, Rebekah now lives in the beautiful City of Bath with her husband Mike, where alongside creating, recording and performing music, she works as a Vocal Coach, Music Tutor and Session Vocalist.

In 2012 Rebekah released her debut EP 'Small Beginnings' and 2015 brought her first full album 'Breath and Dust' released in October. Both these records can be found on iTunes and all other popular online stores now.

Rebekah is now working in partnership with Ministry of Music

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Breath & Dust Reviews - 2015

Breath & Dust album cover
  • "A fantastic album. Beautifully written with thought-provoking lyrics and smooth harmonies. Favourite tracks are Limitless and Bittersweet, although all of the tracks will be stuck in your head after a few listens!"
  • "This is a real progression from Rebekah's first EP. Her pure voice and heartfelt, honest lyrics leave you feeling edified and encouraged. My favourite tracks are Breath and Dust, Bittersweet and Daughter of the Day."
  • "Gosh what a wonderful album. Rebekah sings with such soul and heart and it resonates throughout her music. I love how the songs are so honestly written and relatable - very gifted songwriter."

Small Beginnings EP Reviews - 2012

Small Beginnings album cover
  • "Beautiful, beautiful music! Songs stuck in head since first playing... More please!"
  • "Beautiful voice, beautiful songs, beautiful lyrics. A must listen to on a quiet day, very chilled and relaxing!"
  • "I'm not normally a fan of singer-songwriter type music, preferring complex bands with a range of styles on one album. This won me over with a staggering depth over breadth approach and touched something inside of me. The writing and execution are masterful especially when you consider this is a debut EP. I cannot wait to hear more!"